North American Wildlife - Chris Hornaman
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Humpback in The Mist

Due to over-hunting Humpback Whales had long been absent from the waters of the Johnstone Strait between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. They have returned but are low in numbers. I saw this one sound twenty minutes earlier. The flock of birds was active at the surface and I expected there was a school of fish below. Continuing to focus on the birds I captured a series of pictures when the whale came through the school of fish, scattering the birds while rolling upside down displaying tubercles (knobs) and baleen. This specimen is known to the local research team as BCY0710 and has been named "Twister". He can be recognized by jaw scars caused by a prawn net entanglement. The photo was taken from a boat in moderate seas in the rain making for a very difficult exposure.

Megaptera novaeangliae